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“Deep, dark, and cathartic,Taught delivers a take-it-or-leave-it realness that is seductive and compelling.” -Mike O’Cull, Chicago Music Guide


I am delighted and immensely grateful to be able to share the new album Taught with all of you. Taught builds on some of the themes explored in No Cure for Loneliness, but it definitely digs deeper and expands outward. The album questions issues, both varied and interconnected, concerning gender, economic inequality, mental health, and intimacy. It poses the questions and leaves the listener to supply the answers. I hope you enjoy the journey.


With love and thanks,

Jill M. Stone



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Upcoming Events


Jill M. Stone celebrated the release of Taught at a private event for friends and collaborators on September 15, 2018. More public events will follow. Stay tuned. 




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by Jill M Stone